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Why All That Care?

Updated: May 2, 2018

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When I was kid, I wasn't very healthy. Yeah, I had a frequent visit to the hospital. Because of scary memory from unique hospital environment, I often become an Usain Bolt kid version as I met people in white uniform in barber shop, pharmacy, etc... . To me, they looked like all doctors who gave me pain.

Asian people, especially Koreans, are regular to traditional medicine (TCM/TKM). Absolutely, I was super regular for periodic natural herb prescription. Thanks to that regularity, I have taken control of my health so far. But, I was able to notice that from my interesting experience.

3 years ago, after 11 hrs flight to US for business trip, a sudden low back pain attacked me. As usual, I tried to find nearest acupuncture clinics, but sane acupuncturists never do business near airports. I went to western medical clinic, had 4 days of treatment and medicine claimed me about thousand dollars. How in the world?!... ... Flying back, I came up with a great idea, and that was All That Care.

Now, I strongly trust that good is just good whatever it is. Traditional care should be good and complementary option for people who want to be more than healthy.


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