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How did you find Clients?

Updated: May 2, 2018

All That Care (ATC) promotes the use of traditional healthcare, along with modern medicine to help people be more than healthy. We market and develop professionals in the industry and connect them to clients. Our Trademarked Symptom Search allows the clients to use our site, input the symptoms they’re feeling, and receive suggestions for the top-rated ATC Partners in their area.

We are the only service provider with this technology in traditional care field. Clients are driven to individual partners, not to generic name brands. ATC partners gain more free time and access to an increased number of clients, additional revenue streams, and tools like our Health Analysis and Diagnosis Device (HAND). Our technology is backed by years of clinical data.

Our clinically backed technology, and focus on individuals, and their ratings, instead of narrowly focusing on a single service or location, make us unique to Clients. For Partners, we provide tools, development, and growth opportunity while reducing their workload. Our service agreement and pricing options stimulate repeat business by both Clients and Industry Professionals. This makes us the foremost service provider for professionals in the health improvement industry.

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