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Nara Clinic

Updated: May 2, 2018

Dr. Jin, Senghee studied and completed her Ph.D degree in KyungHee University in S. Korea one of the most prestigious academic institute of oriental medicine in the world. After graduation, she has been practicing in S. Korea and US since 1994.

She pioneered in the fields of sports medicine, obesity, anti-aging and gynecology in oriental medicine. Based on 20,000+ clinic experience, she provided many treatments. Because of these rich experiences, she gets many health consulting request from media,, MBC, KBS, Japan Nihon TV, etc. She was also awarded the best weight loss doctor in Korea by Korean women magazine.

She had been a team doctor of multiple professional sports team including volleyball, tennis, basketball, and golf teams in S. Korea and the San Diego Chargers. Now, she cares for a figure-skating team. She served so many patients ranging from infants, children and athletes to well known politicians and celebrities. Dr. Jin has published numerous articles in leading medical journals and books.

Dr. Yoon, Juho, her colleague, L.Ac. graduated Nanjing Chinese medical university in China and South Baylo university in USA. His major studies are sports medicine, pain control, balance spine and body muscle level and acupressure (Tui-Na).

Dr.Jeanie Cho, L.Ac., with background in psychology and social behavior, focuses on healing patients through acupuncture and open communication. She believes healing occurs through understanding and earning trust of her patients. She studied oriental medicine and acupuncture at South Baylo university. She earned her Bachelors in Psychology and Social Behavior at University of California, Irvine. Priority to Nara Clinic, she worked as a social worker and counseled many young adults and seniors from relieving grieves, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Nara team's goal is very simple and clear: to maintain and improve your overall quality of life. Let Nara help reinforce your confidence by helping you not only look, but feel great, stop by, relax, and relax, and remember how beautiful you truly are.

Nara Clinic is located in 2334 W. Valencia Dr. Fullerton, CA 92833. Open Monday to Friday and appointment only for Saturday.

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