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Joy Acupuncture Clinic

Updated: May 2, 2018

If you consider about experiencing Acupuncture and/or TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) for pain management, you may be thinking, “How do I know which clinic or practitioners are best for my unique symptom? Googling or Yelp to choose? Clinical Trial Required? Clinical Trial Not Allowed?” If these questions has gone through your mind and live in Anaheim, you are not alone! Here is Joy Acupuncture Clinic.

One of most frequent asked question from patient is how many treatments will it take before I start noticing changes? Here is a standard answer. The rate at which a patient responds to Chinese medicine depends on several factors including the nature of the condition, how long it has been present, other potential complicating factors, and the frequency with which you receive treatments. While some patients experience significant changes to their symptoms after the first treatment, others require between six to ten treatments.

But, Dr.Yee has an little bit different answer, “PREVENTION is more important than treatment. I believe prevention must be achieved by right life cycle and pattern. What is right life pattern? Sound sleep, regular and balanced food, exercise, and stress free". Continuous questions are followed. “How can we live without stress? Do you think it is possible in this modern world“? “Yes, it is tremendously difficult. But, we may think in different way. IGNORE, Ignore and put down the stuff which make you nervous. You don’t need to remind every stressful issue and wish to be better tomorrow before going to bed. Don’t mind about tomorrow. Focus about today only”.

Well, I don’t know how it really works thinking in that way. But, it is shown as basic philosophy and truth is not in Novel prized theory. Truth is in the basics that we all know of.

If you need aid, feel free to check this clinic.

Joy Acupuncture Clinic

401 N. Brookhurst St., #106 Anaheim, CA 92801

[Fee Plan]

New visit: $80

Continuous visit: $50

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