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All That Care is finding the research partner of Acupuncture and/or TCM licensed practitioners.

This research is a survey for patient with All That Care developed clinical questionnaire which is standardized approach of TCM 5 diagnostic method: Seven Emotion(七情), Phlegm(痰飮), Food Retention(食積), Blood Stasis(瘀血), Fatigue & Malaise(勞倦). It evaluates the clinical questionnaire’s accuracy of developed TCM pattern identification tool by analyzing surveyed data and practitioners’ diagnostic result comparison.

Please apply research member

by Apr 15, 2018.

Invite 15 Practitioners !

[Research Overview]

• Duration: No later than Jul 20, 2018.

• Answered total number of surveys: 20

• Presentation Meeting (Mandatory Attendance)

- Date&Time: Apr 20, TBD

- Venue: AllThatCare office (3580 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1290, Los Angeles, CA 90010)

• ACCURACY TEST (Paper basis)

- Consent of patient (No personal info needed)

- Answer the survey of about 100 questions (Only for first visit patient)

- Diag by practitioner (don’t refer the answered questionnaire)

- After diag, check ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the 5 categories: Seven Emotion(七情), Phlegm(痰飮),

Food Retention(食積), Blood Stasis(瘀血), Fatigue & Malaise(勞倦)


- Free style comment about survey

- Install HAND app and comment on that for a few questions

• Benefits: $1,000 ($50 per individual survey)

[ Contact ]

(323) 333-1761, 10:00a.m ∼ 5:00p.m (Mon.∼ Fri.)

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