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More than marketplace

Simple & Easy

Feeling less than great?

Do you have aches, pains, or discomfort? Looking to prevent

or treat health issues?

Want to improve

your overall health?

Search for the best

Use our unique

"Symptom Search"

to find the highest rated Professionals for your specific needs and wants.

Choose, Use, Rate

Choose the best Professional near you. Use our site to get services you want.

Rate your All That Care Partner

to help others.

Be more than Healthy

Use the All That Care network

to help treat issues, prevent future problems, and improve your overall health.

Let's get started!

Intelligently matching

Clients to our Partners based

on the Client’s unique condition. 

Our unique symptom search finds Partners that are the most suitable

and highest rated to assist

with a Client’s health goals.  

Symptom Search

Clients get matched Partner

information on personal expertise, education, and experience. 

Profiles allow for feedback and rankings, as well as, a way to communicate directly with Clients

via onsite messaging.

Professions & Specialties

Certified Partner Profiles 

Reviews and Ratings

Secure Client Messenger

Direct Online Sales 

Online Purchase

History Management


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